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Search Engine Advertising (PPC) FAQs

What is the difference between paid search and organic or natural search (SEO)?
Paid search is the process in which you dictate to the search engines which keywords will trigger your ad to appear and you will pay whenever someone clicks on that ad. Natural Search, sometimes call Organic Search or SEO, is a process in which the Search Engines determine which sites appear based on the relevancy of their site and the search term entered by the user.


How do the Search Engines charge me when doing Pay Per Click Advertising?
You are only charged by the Search Engine when someone clicks on your ad and is directed to your website.


Who sets the price for each keyword?
The price for each keyword is based on supply and demand. The Search Engines will typically start the bidding price at 10 cents per click and competition will raise the price. Typically the higher your bid, the higher your ad will appear.


What budget will I need to advertize online?
You determine your own budget. We will discuss what is an appropriate budget based on your keywords and the geographic area you are targeting, but often monthly budgets range from as little as $300 to upwards of a few thousand.


I only want to sell my products to consumers or businesses in my region, so can I target my ads to only have those people see them?
Yes. The great thing about Paid Search Advertising is you can geo-target your ads so only people in the markets you want to reach will see your ads. If you later decide that you want to expand or contract that area, it can be changed within just a few minutes.


Can I cancel at any time or is there a cancellation fee?
You may cancel at any time. You are not held to any long term contracts when working with Gazz Consulting nor will you be charged any kind of cancellation fee.


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