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Dental Marketing FAQs

How do you work with dental practices?
Gazz Consulting’s designers and writers work together to construct creative, customized marketing strategies that help our dental clients establish a strong Internet presence. We work to understand your practice and the treatments you want to promote, and we present our clients a comprehensive range of options for attracting patient traffic and increasing their revenue.


Does Internet marketing work for dentistry?
Over the last several years, the Internet has developed into a powerful advertising medium. No longer can dentists rely exclusively on local television, print and radio media to attract their patients. The web has become an essential business tool and we have a very strong track record of working with dentists that have developed successful marketing campaigns.


How do I pick the right keywords?
Our SEO experts take a hands on approach to the development of our dental clients’ web strategies. We undertake research to determine what phrases are actually being searched online, so as to remove the guesswork and targeted highly searched phrases. From the early stages of keyword research through the development of tailored, search engine-friendly content, Gazz Consulting can help you get your site the traffic you desire.


Should my dental practice advertise on search engines?
An effective pay per click campaign on search engines will increase your site’s traffic. Your potential patients are searching for your services using hundreds of varying keyphrases (i.e. family dentist, Invisalign dentist, smile makeover, dentist for sleep apnea, emergency dental appointment, etc.), and with search engine advertising we can target all of these phrases, and measure what works and what doesn’t.


Can’t our staff manage online marketing ourselves?
Large amounts of time, attention and expertise are needed to achieve the desired results in such a constantly changing and competitive industry. The expense of adding personnel and necessary resources alone would quickly outweigh the cost of hiring our company, which is why outsourcing SEO, PPC management and social media marketing is by far the most popular method. Our experienced professionals are constantly researching the changes and trends in this field, keeping you informed and making recommendations to stay ahead of the curve.


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